Geeta Chanting Yajña - 2020

Chapter 1 Resources

General Resources


The PA Region Gita Chanting Yajna 2020 scheduled for April 18, 2020 has been suspended.
If possible, the coordinators of the event will work with participants and volunteers to reschedule the event at a later date

--- Please read carefully before you register ---

Date:    Revised date to be announced
Venue: Chinmaya Madhuvan, 905 Big Oak Road, Yardley, PA 19067
This year the event is open only for current members of the following organization :
  • Chinmaya Mission Madhuvan
  • Chinmaya Mission Sudarshan
  • Chinmaya Mission Harrisburg
  • Chinmaya Mission Harleysville
  • Bharatiya Vidyalaya at Bharatiya Temple
Registration Guidelines
  • Please submit one Registration form per participant.
  • Please enter the email and phone number where you can be contacted.
  • If you are using Hotmail account please whitelist the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address
Medhavi Group Participation
  • Participants in this group are required to chant the entire chapter 1 (shlokas 1 through 47) from memory.
  • This group is open to all grades EXCEPT ADULTS. 
Reading Group Requirements
  • Reading group (Kaunteya and Mahabaho) participants, who choose to read, will be required to give a talk on one of the selected verses for 1-2 minutes. This is mandatory for all reading group participants. Selected verses are verse 10, verse 22, verse 30 and verse 45.